Top 20 Newborn Countdown of 2017

I love looking back over my newborn photo sessions and recalling all the little personalities of these tiny humans. Some slept all the way through and didn’t open their eyes even once. And then there were those that were not interested in sleep at all (apparently they didn’t get the memo).  With my camera I have captured sleepy smiles, big yawns and a few grumpy faces. I have loved every single session and I feel like I am the luckiest person in the world to work with these sweet babies.

So without further ado here is your Top 20 Newborn Countdown of 2017

20. Best Eye Contact – The way Hamilton stared at his mama was breathtaking. She would talk to him and he soaked in every sound of her voice. Made my heart ache for those days with my boys.

eye contact

19. Longest Eye Lashes – I don’t know why baby boys always seem to have the longest eyelashes. This year it goes to sweet little Logan. Isn’t he a gem!

top 20 newborn best eyelashes

18. Biggest Sneeze – Normally I catch smiles and yawns, but this time it was a sneeze. Owen not only wins the biggest sneeze, but also the most sneezes in a row. It was quite comical to watch him sneeze so big.

top 20 newborn biggest sneeze

17. Funniest Expression – Ruth cracked me up with all her expressions. Her mama said this was the same face her daddy makes. 🤪

top 20 newborn funniest expression

16. Most Adorable Cheeks – Adalyn wasn’t a super big baby (only 7 lbs 4 oz), but she was all cheeks. I imagine those big cheeks have been kissed many times by her mama and daddy.

top 20 newborn chubbiest cheeks

15. Cutest Feet (Foot) – I love taking pictures of cute baby feet. The way the toes curl or stretch, they are all so different. I went to take a picture of Emersons little feet, when she decided it was time for a leg stretch. So instead of capturing two feet, I just got one.

top 20 newborns cutest foot

14. The Most Chill – Some babies come in wide awake and then some come in sound asleep. When they are sound asleep, their photo session is quick and dreamy. Annabella came in, I undressed her and laid her on my newborn poser. I started shooting and within 30 minutes she had a full gallery. Easy, Peasy!

top twenty newborns most chill

13. The Most Awake – Like I said, some babies come in asleep and some are wide awake. David James was wide awake. He wasn’t about to miss a thing. So we just went with the flow and I captured some of the cutest images full of personality with him awake. I love them just as much as the sleepy poses.

top 20 newborn most allert

12. Best Hair – I have had some babies with lots of hair this year (poor mamas with heartburn I guess). I had to give this to two little girls Miss Marie and Miss Anna Claire. Both of them have the most beautiful hair, I know their mamas’ are already having so much fun.

top 20 best hair

11. Curliest – Curling up babies all nice and snug is probably one of my favorite poses. It reminds me of how tightly they curled up in their mama’s belly. Charleigh loved being curled up. She was a little ball of cuteness.

top 20 newborn curliest

10. Best Big Brothers – This award has to go to Callen. He has three of the craziest and cutest big brothers. It is a family of FOUR boys! Let’s all take a minute and say a prayer for their mama and daddy.

best big brothers

9. Brightest Eyes – When I took this picture of Sarah my heart melted. Isn’t she beautiful! Her eyes are the biggest I have seen on a newborn. She is going to melt some hearts with those peepers.

top 20 newborn brightest eyes

8. Best Leg Kick – Collins is destined to be a Rockette or a soccer player. Every time I tucked her little leg in she would kick it right back out. And check out those cute little baby knees…gah!

top 20 newborn leg kick

7. Coolest Name – 2017 has been full of some pretty awesome baby names. I have met an Adaline, Adlyn, Auburn, Brynlee, Hamilton, Pax, Pierce and Tutam. But I think my favorite has to been Beckham. And of course the cute blanket was perfect!

top 20 newborn best name

6. Poutiest Face – I get to see all kinds of expression, but this one kills me. At the young age of one week, Adaline has already mastered the pouty face. Mom and dad might be in trouble with this one.

top 20 newborn pouty face

5. Most Beautiful Heirloom – I won’t lie, when mama told me she wanted to bring her wedding veil as a prop I freaked out a little. I had no idea what I was going to do. But somehow when I started playing, this happened. Doesn’t Ansleigh look gorgeous wrapped in her mama’s veil.

top 20 newborn prettiest heirloom

4. The Biggest Yawn – I think I like baby yawns more than baby smiles. I’m not really sure even why this is so. But if your baby yawns during a photo session I will take a picture. Pierce wins the biggest yawn contest.

meridian mississippi baby photography

3. Sweetest Smile – I know I just said I love yawns the most, but I don’t know – the smiles melt my heart too. Luke smiled from head to toe.

top 20 best smile

2. Tiniest Nuggets – It was actually a tie this year, at 5 pounds and 12 ounces. Little Auburn and Ella were my tiniest nuggets in 2017. Both were so sweet and cuddly.

top 20 newborns smallest

1. Chunkiest Monkey – I have a soft spot for chunky monkeys. My three monkeys were 9 pounds 1 ounces to 10 pounds 3 ounces (no c-section by the way – go me!). Jake was my chunkiest monkey this year at 9 pounds 5 ounces, he was also one of my easiest babies this year too. The chunkier the better!!!!!

top 20 newborns biggest baby

So that concludes the Top 20 Newborn Countdown. I had so many wonderful babies this year and I hope to have even more for 2018. I absolutely love photographing all these tiny newborns, their rolls, their smiles, their toes and their yawns. I fall in love with every single photo session.

If you are going to be adding to your family in 2018 I would love the opportunity to be the first one to capture your baby’s personality. For more information please visit my website at and fill out the Contact form. Let’s remember 2018 together!

Hope Davis Photography serves all of central Mississippi from Meridian to Jackson and beyond. She specializes in newborn, maternity and baby photography up to 2 years old.



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